Simple Accounting, Fixed Expense. For more than 30 years, we have used the SAFE System™ with most of our clients.

Under the SAFE System™, you send us a fixed cost retainer at the outset of litigation based on an estimate of costs needed to take the case to judgment. We will not bill you for individual costs, and we will advance additional nominal costs as needed. We will not bill you for these additional costs, and we will not return any portion of the unexpended cost retainer. We will not bill you for general costs such as copies, postage, and investigation resources.Why do we use this system? Any discrepancies balance out over time, and it relieves both of us from the unnecessary time and expense of accounting for the small amounts involved. It also has the benefit of letting you know your total financial exposure from the beginning, barring any unforeseen circumstances. Finally, since we don’t have to wait for you to send additional costs, we can move the litigation forward immediately when necessary, such as service of the lawsuit or filing a garnishment. Sometimes, this can mean the difference between collecting and closing the file.Unless we have a specific agreement to the contrary, all work is handled under this system. If you want more information about the SAFE System™, please contact Justin D. Jacobson.