Since its founding as Rosen and Jacobson in 1971, the LAWCRAFT® firm has evolved into Florida’s preeminent law firm, specializing in sophisticated collection matters throughout Florida.

In 1971, Jim Jacobson and Errol Rosen, two friends who had worked together at a Hollywood law firm, decided to set up their own general practice firm called Rosen and Jacobson. (Jim lost the coin toss.) Errol was responsible for the real estate, wills, and corporate practice, and Jim was in charge of the litigation practice and office management. After a few years, Jim was contacted by a collection agency that had been referred by one of his clients. That client used the collection agency for all of its national collections except South Florida, where they insisted on using Jim’s firm. The agency wanted to know what law lists the firm was on so they could send claims. At the time, Jim had no idea what a law list or a claim was. He got a copy of a law list and contacted some local collection attorneys–including Ted Sobo–to educate himself on a collections practice. Eventually, the firm became listed on all the major law lists and started receiving claims from most of the major collection agencies in the country.

Over the years, the practice evolved from a general practice firm into a high-volume, statewide collections law firm. Errol left to work with a major real estate developer, and the transactional practice was abandoned altogether. For some 20 years, Jim concentrated his firm’s efforts solely on collections. With Jim at the helm, the firm underwent a few name changes throughout the years, but the focus always remained the same. In 1997, Justin came to work with his father, and the firm name was changed to the Jacobson Law Group. Meanwhile, Ted Sobo’s daughter, Robin Sobo Moselle, joined her father’s firm, which became Sobo, Levine & Moselle. In 2000, the Jacobson Law Group merged with Sobo, Levine & Moselle to form Jacobson, Sobo & Moselle.

Recently, collection practices in general have undergone significant changes, driven by major banking clients and strict compliance issues. In light of this shift, the firm decided to move in a new direction and take a new name to reflect it: LAWCRAFT®.